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Code of Conduct

The MLSE Team Up Challenge presented by Ford is first, and foremost, a charitable fundraising event. Safety is of the utmost importance to everyone involved with this event. We care strongly for the well-being of our participants, Game Day crew and volunteers. As a participant, you play a role in not only your own safety, but in the safety of your fellow participants. Additionally, all participants are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship. Any intolerable behavior such as fighting, bullying, intimidation, intoxication, etc can result in immediate removal from the event and the venue with no refund. Failure to adhere to tournament rules and regulations may result in a forfeited match or game and/or expulsion from the event. The event is a unique opportunity for all involved and we hope all participants have an enjoyable, safe experience. 

Tournament Overview

Each team is required to recruit a total of 8-10 players. Each team will be scheduled one (1) game for basketball, hockey, soccer, beach volleyball & beach dodgeball against other teams in your pool. Each game will have two (2) 10-minute halves, with a 1-minute break in between. Twenty minute games will ensure players will get to show off their skills. 

Each team is required to have at least one (1) female and one (1) male team member on the playing surface at all times.

Teams are given five minutes after the start of a scheduled game before the referee issues a forfeit. The Tournament Director has the option to reschedule a forfeited game if deemed necessary. If a forfeit occurs, the winning team will receive max points in point differential used in breaking ties.

All penalties are strictly enforced for all sports. 

Equipment - What to Bring
Must Have: Nice to Have:
  • Hockey sticks – minimum 3 per team
  • Goalie mask or helmet with a cage – minimum 1 per team
  • Goalie stick – minimum 1 per team
  • Comfortable running shoes
  • Government Issued ID (alcohol to be served on site) 
  • Debit and/or Credit Card (for purchasing auction items)
  • Sunglasses
  • Helmet
  • Shin guards (soccer)
  • Knee pads (beach volleyball)
  • Back up hockey sticks
  • Hockey blocker, trapper and goalie pads
  • Turf shoes (soccer is played on indoor turf fields) 
  • Bathing suit and towel (Cabana pool will be open in the afternoon)
  • Extra socks, undergarments & t-shirt(s)

Point Structure

The tournament winner will be determined by each team’s win-loss record (ranking will be based on total points). If there is a tie, the winner will be determined by points/goal differential. If teams are still tied after all point tiebreakers, the team with the most fundraising dollars will be crowned MLSE Team Up Challenge 2020 Champion.
  • Game Win = 4 points
  • Tie Game = 2 point
  • Loss = 0 points

Argos Challenge = max of 4 points
One (1) point will be allocated to each player’s team that participates in the Argos Football Challenge. Teams that enter a max of four (4) people in the Argos Football Challenge will automatically gain an extra four (4) points towards their total team score.


Please note the MLSE Team Up Challenge presented by Ford will proceed rain or shine.