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MLSE LaunchPad
is a place where youth facing barriers use sport to recognize and reach their potential. Located in Toronto's centre of Moss Park, the 42,000 sq. ft facility is equipped with a large gymnasium, three classrooms, a rock climbing wall, a teaching kitchen and a wellness room to provide free sport, life skills and employment training programs for youth ages 6-29.

MLSE LaunchPad is more than a gym; it's a living lab for Sport For Development. MLSE LaunchPad's 4 programming pillars (Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Ready For School & Ready For Work) use sport to address some of the most significant issues facing youth today: physical health, mental health, education and employment.

"MLSE LaunchPad is my safe haven, my place where anything is possible!"

- Shireen, 11 years old, MLSE LaunchPad Member

Incubator for Collaboration
MLSE LaunchPad operates a collective impact model. We provide much needed space, support and resources to non-profit organizations that support youth facing barriers. Together we build programs that use sport to enhance life-skills programming that our partner organizations operate within the space. Through this model, we build capacity for community organizations, increase program impact and can offer more opportunities to youth with different interests.

More than just Sports 
Our proprietary programs are sport focused with an emphasis on teaching physical literacy and life-skills through sport. This means that our members will develop the confidence, competence, and interest to continue to be physically active throughout their lives, increasing their potential to build life-skills through sport. Our focus is on providing access to quality sport programming for youth facing barriers, and increase their participation in sport programming.

Commitment to Measurement 
MLSE LaunchPad measures outcomes by investing in research, measurement and evaluation. We are bridging the gap between research and practical application by continually improving programs and sharing learning industry wide. Our intention at MLSE LaunchPad is to be a collaborative leader, a research generator, and a partner in the Sport For Development sector, academic sector, and in our community. We will continue to strive towards innovative programming that tests and defines best practice to maximize outcomes for youth facing barriers to achieve their potential through sport.

Support from MLSE
With the support of MLSE and our teams, youth have the opportunity to be connected to professional athletes and industry professionals who are passionate about making a difference in the community using sport as the tool.