Celebrity Draft

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How It Works

Similar to any sports draft, your team has the opportunity to draft an MLSE celebrity onto your MLSE Team Up Challenge team as an honourary coach for a portion of the day. 

The celebrity draft will take place prior to the tournament and will begin with the highest fundraising team. The more teams fundraise the higher their draft position. Top fundraising teams will be contacted closer to the draft with more information.  

The higher your fundraising, the higher your draft position, so get those dollars in to ensure your team gets the top draft pick!
Draft Rules: 
  • Each Captain will be called individually to make their draft pick
  • Each Captain will have a maximum of 5 minutes to make their draft pick
  • Once a draft pick has been made, Captains may not trade and/or return their celebrity
  • If a Captain is unreachable or does not make a draft pick within their allotted time slot, a draft pick will be made for them
    • If you have a proxy for your draft pick please provide us with their contact information prior to the draft
Stay tuned for more details as well as a look at this year's prospects!